Jul 152014



We’ve seen the characters for Big Hero 6, Disney’s cross over animation film with Marvel.  Today we have a new trailer and we get a glimpse of the big bad guy with a kabuki mask.

I’ll admit that I had my doubts when Disney purchased Marvel. I was a little leery that the Marvel films would become disney-fied, if that’s a word. I’m happy with how it has gone and it seems that Marvel still seems to have it’s own autonomy in film making.

Check the new trailer out after the jump.

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Jul 092014



I’ve been receiving the emails from Zach Braff and co regarding the making of Wish I Was Here. I can say I’m pretty excited and today I’m listening to the soundtrack. The track listing is reminiscent of the music from Garden State which, in and of itself, is a great soundtrack.

My favorite part is that there is a brief commentary by Braff before each song. He goes into the process of picking the music and groups for the film.

Check out the preview of the soundtrack here on the EW site.

Jul 072014



Just on the heels of yesterday’s release of three posters for David Fincher’s Gone Girl we have a release for a new trailer. As we mentioned yesterday this is definitely up Fincher’s alley as far as films go and he does them well. The imagery rings of his earlier film Zodiac.

Take a look at the trailer after the jump.

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Jul 062014



David Fincher’s latest film, based on the book Gone Girl,  is set to be released later this year on October 3rd.  The film stars Ben Affleck and deals with his wife’s disappearance. I have yet to read the book but I think I’ll try reversing the order and watching the film first.

Three new posters have been released in the form of evidence bags, take a look after the link.

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