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Matthew Lillard is currently on Reddit doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything).  Lillard is known for his roles as Shaggy in the Scooby Doo films, Stu from Scream, and SteveO from SLC Punk.  Ask him something.


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  • jaypyror

    during making scream 1 did you ever got to get in the scream costume or suit?

    • experiencefilm

      Thanks for visiting. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) is actually facilitated on a site called Reddit. Today there was an AMA with Ethan Hawke. Here is a link to that so you can get an idea of how it works. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1fq1h6/i_am_ethan_hawke_amaa/

      Matthew Lillard’s AMA is linked above in the post. Thanks again.


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