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A couple of days ago we had a very, very brief clip for the next film in the Paranormal Activity franchise. Today they have released the full trailer for the film.

I was thinking about horror films and they seem to do this a lot where they have a series continue on for sequel after sequel. Granted it’s not just horror films but it seem more prevalent in this genre. It’s not a new thing either, The Nightmare on Elm Street films did it along with the Friday the 13th films. Most recently it’s been the Saw series and now these. On one had from a business perspective I can understand it, making money with a horror film around halloween is like shooting fish in a barrel. On the other hand I feel the films get stale and overdone. I suppose your hard earned dollar talks. Once the audience votes with their wallet and expects better horror films I think we will start seeing in. Anyway, off the soap box, here’s the trailer.

No more talking, trailer…

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