Jun 302012

This week I watched two movies, Rock of Ages and Ted.  Now, these films are quite different, but I enjoyed both of them.  I had a good time despite the fact that Rock of Ages is sitting at a not-so-great 41 percent and Ted isn’t doing much better at 69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I’ll be discussing what I liked in each of these. There might be some spoilers so be forewarned.

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Jun 292012

Not often do we get four films getting a wide release.  Today is one of those days.  In addition we also have Brave that only just opened last week and could be a contender for highest gross this week again.  Check out all the films after the jump and let us know what you are going to see.

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Apr 042012

Seth McFarlane’s first live action project is Ted. Ted (Seth McFarlane) tells the story of a bear that comes to life and lives with Mark Wahlberg even as he is now older.  The original red band trailer was pretty risque.  Today we have the green band trailer which is still a little questionable. The trailer also gives us a better idea of the story of Ted.

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Mar 062012

Both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, better known as Bill & Ted, have announced that the script for Bill & Ted 3 has been finished.  ComingSoon has announced that the story will surround the idea that Bill & Ted need to write a song that will save the world and fulfill their destiny.

What do you think, will the film be excellent or bogus?