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So I’m playing with this post so we’ll see how it goes.  I would like to feature a film that is streaming, whether it’s on Netflix, Amazon, or other streaming services.  I’m also trying to think of a different title for this, any recommendations are welcome.  I’m not really trying to write a review of whatever film is featured, instead I’m just trying to share what I’ve been watching.  I’m also toying with the idea of maybe not only including movies but shows as well that might be streaming.  Anyway, I know there aren’t many people visiting the site yet but if people see this I’d be curious what you think.

This is Elmo but that you probably already know.  Now the question is, do you know who is next to Elmo?  His name is Kevin Clash.  Clash is the focus of a documentary called Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey.  Clash is the artist behind the voice and actions of Elmo.  The documentary tells the story of Clash growing up and always loving puppetry.  I’ve attached the trailer after the link.

The story follows Clash as he progresses in his passion and brings one of the most well known characters to life.  This is a great documentary, if you need something to watch, check it out streaming on Netflix.

Beloved by millions of children, Elmo is a global icon. However, few people know the soft-spoken man behind the furry red monster: Kevin Clash. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this documentary follows the Clash’s remarkable career as a puppeteer.

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